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!! We have made countless patients smile confidently again through our same day guided smile fixed implant bridge!!

Here at GDAI, we provide a comprehensive approach to treating dental problems where we allow patients to preview their smile before doing any work. 

We embrace the latest meaningful technology in dentistry to date that assists us in providing numerous same day services such as dental implants, crowns, dentures and ultimately our same day guided smile fixed implant bridge restoration.

We are happy to be here and serve the finger lakes community while providing the highest level of cosmetic and implant dental care.

Please take a minute to connect with us by scheduling a free complimentary evaluation by calling (585) 394-5910

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Ratings Review Provider Name
Great DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
Wonderful DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
SatisfiedGermain Jean-Charles
Excellent ServiceGermain Jean-Charles
The dentist was wonderful!Germain Jean-Charles
Fabulous DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
Excellent ServiceGermain Jean-Charles
Amazing DentistGermain Jean-Charles
ExcellentGermain Jean-Charles
Very Pleased with Dr. CharlesGermain Jean-Charles
Excellent DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
Amazing JobGermain Jean-Charles
Fantastic WorkGermain Jean-Charles
Great WorkGermain Jean-Charles
Very good serviceGermain Jean-Charles
Great DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
Excellent workGermain Jean-Charles
Great Job Germain Jean-Charles
very good and very niceGermain Jean-Charles
Very PleasantGermain Jean-Charles
Great DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
he was fantasticGermain Jean-Charles
The doctor was very good...even though I had a little pain, he was professional, and he played soft music to allow me 2 relax.
fun timeGermain Jean-Charles
Always a pleasureJulie Labrecque
Hygienist was greatJulie Labrecque
great doctor Germain Jean-Charles
Great Doctor Germain Jean-Charles
Dr. Charles is excellent DentistGermain Jean-Charles
Great ServiceGermain Jean-Charles
KarenJulie Labrecque
Amazing work! Germain Jean-Charles
Great DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
this was a good experience.Germain Jean-Charles
very quick and efficient.Germain Jean-Charles
Very nice. Explained everything to me.Germain Jean-Charles
Good workGermain Jean-Charles
Dr. Charles is a Wonderful DentistGermain Jean-Charles
I really love the work Dr. Charles did on my teethGermain Jean-Charles
an amazing Dr.Germain Jean-Charles
Great visitGermain Jean-Charles
Excellent WorkGermain Jean-Charles
Dr. Charles is Awesome Germain Jean-Charles
No problems what so ever. Great Dentist Germain Jean-Charles
Pleasant and professional serviceGermain Jean-Charles
Excellent job pulling my toothGermain Jean-Charles
Wonderful ExperienceGermain Jean-Charles
Very well ... great experienceGermain Jean-Charles
Diamonds ReviewGermain Jean-Charles
My experience went quite well. My general dentist was very nice and had concerns with any pain I had throughout my appointment. Usually, I would get nervous but I felt very comfortable and had no fears due to the fact that I had a caring dentist.Germain Jean-Charles
very good Germain Jean-Charles
Very HelpfulGermain Jean-Charles
dr charles was one of the best people i have ever had done my teeth i was scared at first seeing a new dentist but he did very well and was good company.Germain Jean-Charles
EXTRACTIONGermain Jean-Charles
very profesional consideriate was not bad had 5 teeth pulled awsome job thank you Dr Charles Germain Jean-Charles
great job!Germain Jean-Charles
greatGermain Jean-Charles
my doctor was very good and every one was politeGermain Jean-Charles
AmazingGermain Jean-Charles
it was wellGermain Jean-Charles
Fantastic workGermain Jean-Charles
Dr. Charles made me feel very comfortable and my experience was very professional.Germain Jean-Charles
Amazing work. Dr. Charles is wonderfulGermain Jean-Charles
quick and painless. good job. i felt it was an honest assesment. Germain Jean-Charles
quick and efficientGermain Jean-Charles
my experience was excellentGermain Jean-Charles
It was a good visit.Germain Jean-Charles
katrinaGermain Jean-Charles
I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to AMD They have always made every effort to fulfill my obligations and the care i receive here is topnotch.. From the hygenist to the Dr I am thoroughly satisfied with the care i receive here...Germain Jean-Charles
Good workGermain Jean-Charles
I am no longer AFRAID of the dentist because of this visit.Germain Jean-Charles
Very GoodJulie Labrecque
Dr. Germain was wonderful. Germain Jean-Charles
It was really good and easy, at first was scared but it got better.Germain Jean-Charles
very goodGermain Jean-Charles
awesome job.Germain Jean-Charles
goodGermain Jean-Charles
Dr. Julie is AMAZINGJulie Labrecque
it was awesome best visit i ever had thank you to the doctor and nursesGermain Jean-Charles
very good experienceGermain Jean-Charles
WonderfulGermain Jean-Charles
best treatment and interaction ive had with a dental officeGermain Jean-Charles
Great DoctorGermain Jean-Charles
Wonderful DentistGermain Jean-Charles
wonderful and patientGermain Jean-Charles
best dentist i have ever hadGermain Jean-Charles
She was very professional and courteousJulie Labrecque
i was very nervous at first then i felt better when the Doctor took my wisdoms outGermain Jean-Charles
goodfGermain Jean-Charles
Dr. Charles has been the best... Hate to see him go.Germain Jean-Charles
very goodGermain Jean-Charles
Excellent workGermain Jean-Charles
Wonderful experienceGermain Jean-Charles
very caringGermain Jean-Charles
it was good help me get threw without to much of an issue Germain Jean-Charles
Professionalism is outstanding and friendly atmosphereGermain Jean-Charles
g.Germain Jean-Charles
excellent care very pleasedGermain Jean-Charles
comfortable serviceGermain Jean-Charles
dental surgeryGermain Jean-Charles
great experienceGermain Jean-Charles
Very kind staff and great dentistGermain Jean-Charles
goodGermain Jean-Charles
good doctor Germain Jean-Charles
Great work. My wife will be pleased and will set up her work to be done soon.Germain Jean-Charles
Always pleasant!Julie Labrecque
ExcellentGermain Jean-Charles
extraction was a breezeGermain Jean-Charles
Great dentist!Julie Labrecque
A Valentine`s Day to rememberJulie Labrecque
My experience was quick and painless. I felt both doctor and attendant were sensitive to my personal comfort.Germain Jean-Charles
they did great i was in pain for so longGermain Jean-Charles
great experienceGermain Jean-Charles
He did a really good job when pulling my tooth. He was very gentle as well. Also kept asking if i was ok. Very good job.Germain Jean-Charles
dident hurt great personGermain Jean-Charles
I had a very good experience. I was having trouble and the Dr. adjusted my treatment to make it easier on me.Germain Jean-Charles
very good, as good as i can think pulling teeth can be.Germain Jean-Charles
louis Germain Jean-Charles
Very happyGermain Jean-Charles
dr took care of me real good and I didnt feel any pain at all, thank you all to take care of me so well, I will give you 5 star.Germain Jean-Charles
He helped me conquer my fear!Germain Jean-Charles
xGermain Jean-Charles
Dr Charles did amazing job on my daughter extractionsGermain Jean-Charles
Tiny but she gets the job done well!!!Julie Labrecque
This was a very prompt and extremely professional experience. I really appreciate the the personal care.Thank youGermain Jean-Charles
I appreciate the personal attention to detail and care and professional expertiseJulie Labrecque
I really liked Dr Neilsen, too, but the whole family really loves Dr. Labrecque who has now taken his place after his retirement. Most of the rest of the staff stayed on and are all just as wonderful, from the front desk to the hygenists. It did used to b
Wonderful ExperienceGermain Jean-Charles
Wonderful ExperienceGermain Jean-Charles
Great service.Germain Jean-Charles
Very disappointed in their lack of ability to properly communicate costs of service. They don't accept insurances but they will submit the claim for you and expect you to pay in full at your appointment. I was told I would receive a check from my insurance (for what they would cover) within 3 days. It's been 3 weeks. I had to call the office twice to get answers and come to find out they received the checks. Also, for my xrays I felt like my mouth was being ripped to shreds. Yes, I have a small mouth but you're suppose to be the professionals and not get equipment stuck in my mouth.

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