dental crowns

One of the most effective methods of filling gaps in a smile and restoring the aesthetic appearance of a smile is by using dental crowns.  A crown can repair missing teeth or damaged teeth, but it can also be used to improve a person’s bite and help the patient chew more easily.  This is beneficial for the mouth and other systems in the body, including the digestive system, increasing a person’s physical health.

General Dentistry and Implantology of Canandaigua is a dental practice offering a plethora of handcrafted dental crown styles.  The dental professional will assist in determining which crown is best for your needs according to a budget, aesthetic preference, and biological chemistry.

What Is A Dental Crown?

The dental crown is a cap or cover that is placed on a tooth by a dental professional.  It is used to restore the damaged tooth to its ideal size and shape; thereby, restoring the typical function of the tooth.  By installing a crown, patients are able to improve the function of the tooth and increase its strength with its physical appearance.

Why Should A Person Use A Dental Crown?

You may benefit from a dental crown if you have one of the following difficulties:

–  a tooth cavity that is too large for a filling to be effective
–  a missing tooth with the need for a dental bridge
–  the need to cover or cap a dental implant
–  the need to repair a cracked weakened or worn tooth
–  the need to have a root canal procedure completed to protect the restored tooth
–  the desire to cover a discolored, stained or poorly shaped tooth and improve your smile

What Is A Dental Crown Made From?

Dental crowns are created using various types of materials including metal alloys, porcelain, ceramic, composite reside or a combination of the mentioned materials.  When making a dental crown, the material used is typically colored to blend in with the patient’s existing tooth color.

The majority of dental professionals will try to create dental crowns that look natural in the patient’s mouth and that fit comfortably in the position.  To decide on the material being used, the professional will consider the location of the crown, the gum tissue, the amount of tooth shown during a smile, the color of the tooth, the function of the tooth, and the patient’s overall crown preference.

How Is A Dental Crown Placed?

There are various steps included in the effective placement of a dental crown and this is most commonly completed in two visits.  The first step involves preparation of the tooth through the removal of the outer portion.  By removing the outer portion, the dentist ensures that the crown will fit comfortably.

During this first visit, the dentist will also remove any potential tooth decay and place any additional tooth structure required to support the dental crown.  The additional structure, if needed, will be placed and developed from the tooth core.

An impression is taken during the first visit as a step to provide an exact model for the dental crown.  A temporary crown will be used while waiting for the permanent item to be designed.  While wearing this temporary dental crown, the tooth may be highly sensitive to cold and hot items.  It should be approximately two weeks before the permanent crown is ready for placement.

Once the new crown is available, the dental professional will affix it to the gum tissue making the necessary alterations.  When the placement is satisfactory, the dental crown is cemented into place.







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