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Are you tired of dealing with poor-fitting and uncomfortable partials and dentures? You are in good company. Though, instead of suffering from discomfort, many skip wearing their dentures and partials revealing gaps in their mouth. It hurts that much that they are willing to risk stepping out and feeling the embarrassing glares of the critical people staring back at them. Still, others wish they had a way to replace a missing tooth.

Well, gladly, there are options. Dental implants are an excellent choice for anyone facing one single gap or a larger space where teeth used to sit. Meanwhile, enjoy better health and a better-looking, natural appearance with dental implants.  

The posts of dental implants are inserted into the bone of the jaw. It replaces the root work of missing teeth. It will be a little like becoming a bionic man or woman because they use titanium. Titanium is a super-strong metal that is also very lightweight and easily introduced into the body. It turns out that more than 5 million dental implants are made every year just in the United States alone!

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Dental Implant Benefits
The dental implants are far superior of a fit and much more secure than other options. That’s what makes them much more comfortable, and more like real teeth. Bridges, dentures, and single teeth attachments do not move around when you eat or speak. So, no more concerns about having a super-embarrassing moment of losing teeth or dentures in the middle of a conversation, a meal out, or while giving a speech or teaching.

A More Natural Fit
Meanwhile, there are actually added benefits to having dental implants. They are more natural feeling, and also comfortable than dentures. The dental implants play some important health roles as well. As it turns out, where the dental implants are inserted, they prevent the jawbones from actually shrinking. That means you get to keep your beautiful or handsome face just as you know it.

As it turns out dental implants may last a lifetime. Be sure to take great care of the implants. And, most people are going to be motivated to do this just so they never have to endure the process of getting dental implants again. The other compelling reason to take the best care of dental implants is to prevent having to shell out all that money again. They are definitely a financial investment. Though, they are worth it, to be sure.
Single Implants
A great way to understand the whole process is by learning how one single tooth is replaced. The single implanted tooth actually replaces your tooth’s dental roots. What’s great about the dental implant is that it does not interfere with nearby neighboring teeth. That’s a benefit for people who do not want to constantly feel something that does not belong in their mouth.

Reasons To Get Dental Implants For A Couple Of Missing Teeth
Not having teeth in once occupied spaces may be uncomfortable, impact your ability to speak properly, and make it difficult to chew up your food.

In essence, here are the reasons to get dental implants:
1. Dislike gap in smile
2. Missing teeth impact speech
3. No molars make it difficult to chew
4. Loss of teeth causes the teeth shift unfavorably
5. Missing teeth means bone loss can occur, which means more tooth loss in the future.
6. Losing teeth means losing face, or sagging face, which ages you.

Dentures And Bridges Supported By Implants
Did you know that dental implants are useful in supporting a bridge, as is the case when a few teeth are missing? An implant that supports a bridge fills in where the natural teeth are lost. What’s known as an implant-supported bridge requires no use of the neighboring teeth. This improves the comfort level while making it much easier to clean your existing teeth.

Even if you lost all of your teeth, the dentures can be supported by dental implants. It replaces the missing teeth as well as some of the roots of the teeth. The reason it requires replacement of some tooth roots is that the dentures will fuse into the jawbone. This is what provides an unmatched level of both stability and comfort for the individual. Bite and chew just as you did when you were a child, without any worries or concerns of them coming loose.

The Dental Implant Process
Because there are different kinds of dental implants available, it means that the process may differ slightly on an individual basis. That means it can require anywhere from just 1 day or even up to a few months to get fitted for the implants.

As part of the consultation for dental implants, your dentist will discuss the options that are personally available and recommended for you.

The Three Step Dental Implant Placement Process
The dentist takes x-rays or pictures of your jaw, roots, gums and teeth. This establishes a method for the dentist to make a plan on how to handle your personal dental implant placement.

The implants are surgically placed in the bone of your jaw. It will usually result in tenderness and some swelling following surgery. It’s normal and will require some pain medicine and recovery time to feel back to your normal self. You may be instructed to eat soft foods too.

The Healing Process
During the following months, the bone of the jaw will actually take to and grow around the implant. This is what will make a great bond that is strong and stable. It is known as osseointegration, or bone integration. The integration of the bone typically takes a couple of months.  into the bone.

At this point, the permanent replacement teeth are placed. Replacement and dental implant are all placed at the same visit. Prosthesis placement or replacement teeth follow a similar process.

Replacement Teeth Process
Whether you are having just one single tooth implanted or a couple, the dentist creates a dental crown or custom tooth/teeth for you. It will be matched in color and proportionality to your other existing teeth. Then the replacement teeth are screwed into place on the implanted posts.

Before giving you your permanent crown, the dentist will have to supply a temporary crown or bridge. This is to cover the gap while the dentist makes your custom made bridge. It also allows you to speak and chew more like your normal self.

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?
In order to qualify for dental implants, your jaw needs to be in good health. You also need to have sufficient jawbone to endure the surgery of dental implants. You may be able to get a bone graft or sinus buildup surgery to make up the bone loss. As it turns out, your health is more important than having achieved or being under a specific age.

If you are healing from a disease or experiencing cancer or diabetes, just to name a few, you may not be able to endure surgery. The concern is your body’s ability to heal. After all, your body’s healing process is what will allow the jaw to integrate the implant into your mouth for a strong fit.

It’s imperative that you practice great oral hygiene to enjoy a long life with the dental implants in place. Otherwise, you could invite in gum disease.






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