General Dentistry and Implantology of Canandaigua is introducing an exciting new way to offer dental benefits to your employees without the expense or hassle of insurance companies. Our Dental Benefits Program (DBP) saves your business thousands of dollars per employee while providing quality, low-cost dental care to your employees and their families.

With traditional insurance, employees deal with monthly premiums, complicated claim forms, limitations and annual maximums. But DBP makes it simple. For a small annual fee, you can cover your employees’ preventive care in full for the entire year and provide significant discounts on all further treatment (including cosmetic work and major procedures).

Best of all, there are no third-parties, waiting periods or confusing restrictions. All patient plan support is handles quickly and easily at your local dental office.

Dentistry made easy! Local & Affordable!

Imagine it, a dental savings plan run by your local Dentist to help promote good dental health, while making quality family dentistry more affordable.

You and your Employees have no monthly premiums, no hidden fees and pay only for services that are needed. That’s our Dental Benefits Program.

Our Dental Plan Features:

  • No monthly premiums, deductibles or annual limits
  • Discounts on all non-specialty procedures
  • Immediate availability for all employees and family members
  • No insurance paperwork hassles
  • Deal only with your local dental office
  • Extremely affordable membership fee
  • Continuous open enrollment
Annual Exam$4420%
X-Ray - Complete Set$15120%
X-Ray - Single$3320%
X-Ray - Panoramic$12920%
Adult Prophy$9920%
Child Prophy$7820%
Perio Maintenance $15620%
Flouride Treatment$42FREE
1-5 Surface Fillings$194-39020%
Dental Crown$130715%
Porcelain Venner$132115%
Root Canal - Ant$86920%
Root Canal - Bicuspid$98020%
Root Canal - Molar$119620%
Partial Dentures$202515%
Implant Crown$173415%
Single Tooth Ext.$27520%
Wisdom Tooth Ext.$322-56120%
Home Whitening$27550%
Price subject to change